About Us

Twins Suds and Stuff, LLP

The year was 2013. While sightseeing, my daughter and I (Darlene) went into a little soap shop. We fell in love with the handmade soaps. We found a fragrance that we liked, and I made my first purchase.  A couple of months later my daughter told me she would like to have more of this soap for her birthday.  I ordered more from the shop for both of us.  I was hooked! I started wondering if I could make this wonderful soap.  After researching, I started making soap and giving it away for friends and family.  I gave my twin sister Marlene some soaps to try.  Viola! She was addicted as I was.  I taught her how to make soaps. Soon, my obsession became hers.


In 2015, I got this bright idea that doing craft shows might be fun.  That’s how we started Twins Suds & Stuff. 


In 2017, we launched our website as requested by many craft show customers, so they could re-order from us.


It is still just “The Twins,” Marlene and Darlene, creating, wrapping, and shipping every bar of soap, bath bomb, shea butter, and sugar scrub with loving care.


We ship once a week. Each batch of soap takes about six weeks to make. If there is a specific soap or fragrance that you would like and don't see on the website, please reach out to us via e-mail.  


Yes, we are still going to craft shows. Check our blog (at the bottom of the website) or our Facebook page to find our schedule. 




Darlene and Marlene (The Twins)